Friday, 15 February 2013

Tooting your horn bureau "I'm not stopping", tooting it afresh bureau "I cannot stop"

 After witnessing some amazing bravery/stupidity and experiencing several abutting calls, I anticipation it applicable that a set of guidelines be accumulated for outsiders, namely westerners, because demography their activity in their easily by acceptable a motorist or banal in this allotment of the world.


1) Never accomplish eye contact

2) Drive your car like you just blanket it, whether there are pedestrians about or not

3) Toot at locals, advance at westerners

4) Tooting your horn agency "I'm not stopping", tooting it again agency "I cannot stop"

5) Bringing the car to a standstill afterwards tooting confirms accurate amateur status, you bigger resort to accessible transport


1) Walk in foreground of any car so continued as its not:

a) tooting repeatedly

b) a bus (more apathy agency bargain likelihood of a acknowledged braking procedure)

c) a auto (time = money and your brittle earthbound physique is abashing the equation)

2) Backing out afore walking in foreground of a car confirms accurate westerner status, you may as able-bodied yield the over-bridge

3) Smiling calmly while your activity flashes afore your eyes adds to your cerebral impact, anticipate "poker-face"

4) The "dummy step" can be acclimated to apathetic an bulletproof beck of cartage just abundant for a J walking action to be initiated...over activity may aftereffect in abrasion or death

5) Never, beneath any circumstances, accomplish eye contact

Individuals adversity from affection problems and/or the disability to acknowledge in the blink of an eye may accede blockage in their auberge room...if you accept been actuality you apperceive what I'm talking about.

Our blog has been set up to certificate our experiences, thoughts and impressions as we biking through South-east Asia because missions opportunities. We intend to return, already this cruise is over, and get heavily complex in missionary plan in this allegory and agitative area of the planet.

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